Sedgefield Classic Cars

Classic Cars

1969 MGC
Roadster 2,9L 6 Cylinder
R 325000

Scarce MGC model in good condition. Very good running order and limited availability of this Classic MG.
1969 MGB
GT 1800
R 110000

Original good condition throughout and very good running order. Recent long trip with no problems at all.
1970 Triumph
Spitfire MK3 1400
R 165000

Very good condition. Fitted with a Nissan 1400cc motor and twin SU Carburettors.
1971 Wolseley
MK2 1300
R 78000

Scarce MK2 Wolseley 1300cc model in good condition. Drives well and a good looking model with the 2 tone colour scheme.
1971 Fiat
124S Sedan
R 56000

Good condition throughout and drives well. Fiat 1500cc motor and special Fiat mags fitted.
1971 Ford Capri
1600 GT
R 175000

Recent restoration and excellent paintwork. Original 1600cc Cross Flow motor. Good running order.
1972 Chevrolet
C10 Pick-Up V8 Automatic
R 60000

Galvanised plating used on various parts of the bodywork. 351 V8 motor and automatic gearbox.
1972 Austin
Mini Panelvan 1380cc
R 110000

Not many of these spectacular panelvans available. Good condition and drives well. Austin TC 1380cc motor.
1972 Dodge
Colt 1100 F
R 60000

Unique and scarce model in good original condition. These cars were known for their reliability.
1972 Volkswagen Beetle
1600cc Twin Port
R 110000

Great looking Beetle with white and pale yellow colour combination. Recent restoration.
1973 Alfa Romeo
GT Junior 1600
R 250000

Limited availability of the 1600 GT Junior. Good condition and drives well.
1974 Volkswagen
Beetle 1600 Twin Port
R 45000

Good combination of Black & Silver colours gives this Beetle a stylish finish. Good running order.
1974 MGB
GT 1800 L.H.D.
R 115000

Imported ex the USA and a legally registered Left Hand Drive. Good condition and drives well.
1974 Chevrolet
LS 3800 6 cyl Manual
R 55000

Known for their reliability these Chevs are great for daily use if needed and becoming very collectible.
1975 Volkswagen
Beetle 1600 Twin Port
R 68000

Great colour scheme combined with 17 inch mags results in a good looking Beetle. Good overall condition.
1975 Toyota
Corolla Stationwagon 1200
R 78000

Recent restoration to very good condition. Drives as good as it looks. Motor just been overhauled.
1975 Volkswagen Beetle
"S" Model 1600 Twin Port
R 85000

Unique "S" Beetle in very good condition. 1600cc Twin Port Motor and Rosstyle Rims.
1976 Chevrolet
Custom DeLuxe 20 LWB 4x4
R 150000

Strong and powerful 6 cylinder LDV in good all round condition. 4 speed manual + transfer box.
1976 Willys
Jeep CJ5 6 cyl 4 x 4
R 110000

Very good condition and drives well. Fitted with a Chevy 4,1L 6 Cylinder motor and 3 speed manual gearbox. Long Wheel Base Jeep.
1976 Volkswagen
Passat 1600 Automatic
R 38000

Good original condition and originates from the Free State area. Drives well and with low kilometres.
1977 Jaguar
Executive 4,2L Automatic
R 85000

Good original condition and with low kilometres. Drives very well. 1 owner until recently.
1977 Alfa Romeo
GTV 2 Litre
R 75000

Good condition and collectible early series GTV model. Drives well and low kilometres.
1978 Austin
Mini 1100 Van Den Plas
R 95000

Limited production of this classic Mini Van Den Plas series. Good condition throughout and drives very well.
1978 Ford
Cortina 3L V6 Pick-Up
R 48000

Good original condition with low kilometres. 2 owner vehicle in very good running order.
1978 Willys Jeep
CJ6 4 x 4 Manual
R 120000

Very good condition and Willys Series fitted with the Rambler Hornet 6 Cylinder motor. Long Wheel Base Jeep.
1979 Volkswagen
Kombi Stationwagon 1800
R 135000

Good restored condition and drives well. VW 1800 water cooled motor. Baywindow Series.
1979 Mercedes Benz
240D Automatic
R 65000

Very good condition throughout. Originates from the Free State area and a 1 owner car. Drives very well.
1979 Ford Escort MK11
1600 Sport
R 175000

Very good condition throughout. 1600cc Cross Flow motor just been overhauled. Recent new paintwork.
1980 Ford
Cortina MK V - 3 Litre V6 Manual
R 65000

Great car to drive with the powerful 3 Litre V6 Ford motor. Ex Gauteng area and good original condition. 2 owner car from new.
1980 Alfa Romeo
Giulietta 1800
R 50000

Good original condition and drives well. Original Corduroy upholstery.

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