Sedgefield Classic Cars

Classic Cars

1974 AMC Hornet
Sportabout 410
R 95000

Scarce AMC Stationwagon in very good condition. Initially known as a Rambler Hornet.
1975 Volkswagen
Beetle Lux Bug 1600
R 78000

Collectible VW Lux bug series in good condition. Good running order.
1976 Volkswagen Beetle
1600L Twin Port
R 35000

Paintwork has some rust. Good running order.VW 1600 "L" Beetle series.
1976 Ford
Escort MK2 1600 Manual
R 125000

Very good restored Escort Mk2 and drives well.
1976 Ford Ranchero
V8 Automatic
R 120000

Stylish looking Ford Ranchero in good overall condition.
1976 Honda
XL 500
R 55000

Super Honda motorcycle in good restored condition and rides well.
1976 MGB
Roadster 1800
R 145000

Early series Rubber Bumper MGB in good original condition. Drives well.
1976 Volkswagen
Kombi 2L Stationwagon
R 260000

Great 2 Tone Grey colour combination for this VW Kombi. Aircon + Porsche Rims.
1977 Volkswagen
Kombi 2L Fuel Injection
R 225000

Very good condition throughout and fitted with a VW Golf 2L Fuel Injection motor.
1978 Toyota
Landcruiser FJ45 3,6L Petrol 4 x 4
R 250000

Toyota Landcruiser FJ45 Mboza Replica in good all round condition.
1979 Ford
Cortina 3L V6 Manual
R 95000

Initially a 2L Ford Cortina and upgraded to a 3L V6. Recent restoration and in good overall condition. Drives well.
1979 Toyota
Corolla 1200 Manual
R 78000

Very good condition throughout. Drives well and scarce vehicle.
1980 Alfa Romeo
Spider 2L Series 2
R 285000

One owner car in good all round condition except for soft-top which needs upgrade.
1980 Alfa Romeo
Giulietta 1800
R 125000

Paintwork on this Alfa Romeo completely done last year. Good running order and a solid Giulietta.
1980 Alfa Romeo
Giulietta 1800 Executive
R 125000

Scarce Alfa Romeo Giulietta Executive Model.Exceptionally great car to drive. Very good condition throughout.
1980 Alfa Romeo
Giulietta 1800
R 95000

Good condition Alfa Romeo Giulietta and fitted with a sunroof. Good running order.
1980 Vespa
Scooter 200
R 75000

Very good condition with recent new paintwork.
1983 Alfa Romeo
Giulietta 2 Litre
R 95000

Good condition with original interior. Great performance from the 2 Litre motor.
1983 Datsun
Skyline GTX Coupe 6 Cyl
R 135000

Collectible early series Datsun Skyline GTX Coupe in good condition. Super car to drive.
1984 Toyota
Landcruiser FJ45 3,8L Diesel LDV
R 275000

Good overall condition and drives well. Solid 4 x 4 Toyota Landcruiser with low kilometres.
1984 Alfa Romeo
GTV 2 Litre
R 270000

Collectible Alfa Romeo GTV Series in good condition throughout.
1984 Maserati
Bi Turbo 2L Manual
R 25000

Complete car for restoration. Not Running. Stylish looking 2 door coupe.
1985 Mercedes Benz
380SE V8 Sedan Automatic
R 55000

Amazing quality for this Mercedes Benz 380SE with high kilometres. Drives very well.
1985 Mitsubishi
Tredia 1800 Turbo
R 95000

Very good condition and with low kilometres. Limited availability of this scarce vehicle.
1985 Toyota
Cressida GLE 2L Automatic
R 75000

Good original Toyota Cressida and with low kilometres for a 38 year old vehicle.
1985 Datsun
Skyline GL.EX 2L Automatic
R 69000

Original Datsun in good condition throughout. Few of these around and good running order.
1986 Volkswagen
Kombi 1800 Camper
R 95000

Very good running order and inner rear converted to use as a camper.
1987 Toyota Landcruiser
Stationwagon 4L 6 Manual
R 75000

Fair condition Toyota Landcruiser throughout and good running order.
1988 Volkswagen
Kombi 1,8L Stationwagon
R 85000

Rear seats removed and converted into a camper. Good running condition.
1989 Volkswagen
Kombi Cox Camper 1900
R 190000

Good original VW Kombi Camper with low kilometres. Drives very well. Comfortable vehicle to use as a camper.

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