Sedgefield Classic Cars

Beetle 1200 LHD
for sale at R250000


Paintwork, cloth upholstery and sliding sunroof all good. Legal registered Left Hand Drive and Registration Certificate shows as 01/01/1962.

VW 1200cc 4 cylinder motor and 4 speed gearbox. Good performance from the motor and drives well. Set of 50's suitcases packed up front and inner rear luggage compartment.

Speedometer & Odometer in Miles Per Hour. Odo shows as 66,283 Miles. Years ago most LHD cars here displayed a LHD Sign at rear and although quite large on this VW it can be easily removed and engine lid upgraded.

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Side view

Left Hand Drive sign

Front view

Right rear view

Closed Sunroof


Front seats

Rear seat


Rear carpeting

Door panel

Front carpeting

Open rear engine lid

VW 1200cc Single Port Motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Left front view

Left side view

Left rear view

Steering and dashboard

Extra view of front seats

Extra view of rear seat

Left side door panel


Set of old suitcases at rear

Set of cases undet the Bonnet

Open Sliding Sunroof

Extra view of open sunroof

Speedo & Odo in MPH