Sedgefield Classic Cars

1930 Opel 4 2 Door
1018cc - SOLD 2012 :Sold for R65000

Please note that this item is no longer available and we cannot provide any furter infomation.

Not many of these rare and unique vehicles around. Good paintwork, interior and chrome + good 17 inch tyres. Solid throughout and drives well.

1018cc motor with 3 speed gearbox and accelerator between brake and clutch pedals + floor starter. Original vehicle, licensed and registered.

Front windscreen opens outwards, spacious interior for a small vehicle, and rear luggage carrier. Rare collector's Vintage model worth considering.


Front view

Rear view

Side view

Left rear view


Door panel

Front seats

Rear view

Steering and dashboard




Open bonnet

Opel 1000cc motor

Extra view of motor

Right side view

Right rear view

Left front view

Extra view of front seats

Extra view of rear seat

Right door panel

Open front windscreen

Right front view