Sedgefield Classic Cars

1934 Singer Le Mans
Tourer - SOLD 2012 :Sold for R120000

Please note that this item is no longer available and we cannot provide any furter infomation.

Rare model with limited availability. Motor overhauled + spare motor included. Also 2 spare diffs, 2 front axles, steering box, one rear leaf spring, spare cylinder head, brake drums, brake backing plates and linings, 2 stripped gearboxes, spare door-skin for left side, and twin carb intake manifold. Soft-Top framework fitted but minus the cloth. Needing paintwork, soft-top, interior upgrade. Good tyres.

Twin mounted rear spare wheels, bonnet leather straps, and officially dated by the S.A. Veteran and Vintage Association as a 1934 model.

A Singer 9 finished 13th. in the 1934 Le Mans 24 hour race, beating many well known marques of the time.

Side view

Left rear view

Right front view


Front seats

Steering and dashboard

Right rear view

Right side view

Open right side bonnet

Singer 4 cylinder motor

Open left-side bonnet

Extra view of motor

Hood frame

Folded frame and packing shelf

Front view

Rear view

View of interior