Sedgefield Classic Cars

1928 Morris Oxford
6 cylinder Salon - SOLD 2020 :Sold for R200000

Please note that this item is no longer available and we cannot provide any furter infomation.

Reputed to be the only 1928 Morris Oxford in the country. Exceptionally scarce vehicle in good running order. 12 Volt battery system, left front fender mounted spare wheel, 6 cylinder motor and 3 speed gearbox. Custom made rear luggage container. Headlights, fender lights and rear tail-light all with purpose made leather covers including rear luggage box. Upholstery and carpeting redone. Special "S" license registered.

Side view

Left rear view

Open luggage container

Rear seat

Front seat




Door panel

Left side open bonnet

Morris 6 cylinder Motor

Extra view of motor

Luggage container

Right front view with light covers

Right side view

Right rear view

Extra view of front seat

Right front door panel

Right rear door panel

Extra view hoodlining

Extra view of rear seat

Steering and dashboard

Front Grill identity badge

Open right side bonnet

Additional view of motor