Sedgefield Classic Cars

1928 Ford
Model A Phaeton - SOLD 2008 :Sold for R130000

Please note that this item is no longer available and we cannot provide any furter infomation.

Ford Model A is always a reliable Vintage model to drive and one of the larger number of surviving  Vintage Models worldwide.

Spares are easier to obtain, and these vehicles are known for their ruggedness and reliability as far as the 1920's American models are concerned.

New leather upholstery to original design, fitted new hood and carpeting.This vehicle is in superb running condition. Tyres and paintwork are very good. Officially dated by the S.A. Veteran and Vintage Association as a 1928 model.

Front view

Rear view

Steering and dashboard

New leather front seat

Rear seat and new hood

Door panel

Model A 4 cylinder motor

Ford Model A radiator mascot