Sedgefield Classic Cars

1933 Ford
Tudor Model B 4 Cyl - SOLD 2008 :Sold for R95000

Please note that this item is no longer available and we cannot provide any furter infomation.

Not many of these models with the 4 Cylinder�Model B motors surviving. These particular�vehicles were not as popular as the V8 models of the time, and consequently there are few surviving examples such as this car.

Older restoration and in very good running order. Powerful 3,3 Litre 4 cylinder motor. Paintwork is good and appearance very striking, but would need upgrading if so required. Interior very good, although front seats showing some wear on the Rexene upholstery. Original 6 volt battery system.

Termed as the Tudor model, this 2 door Town Sedan has superb styling.

Rear view

Front view

Side view

Left rear view

Open bonnet

Ford Model B 3,3 Litre Motor

Second view Ford 3,3 Litre 4 cylinder motor

Right rear view

Front seats

Rear seat

Hood lining

Steering and dashboard

Woodgrain finish dashboard

Door panel

Left side open bonnet

Left front view