Sedgefield Classic Cars

1929 Ford Model A
Roadster - SOLD 2011 :Sold for R190000

Please note that this item is no longer available and we cannot provide any furter infomation.

Beautiful car to admire and drive. All original throughout and starts easily. Motor idles as a Ford Model A should with the two blade fan just ticking over.

Drives exceptionally well. Mechanically very good engine and gearbox. Original 6 volt battery system, accessory Quail Radiator Mascot with water temperature guage, rear dicky seat , very good soft-top (no side screens), this is a good example of a Ford Model A Roadster.

Ford Model A's are one of the highest surviving Vintage Cars in the world. Spares easily obtainable if needed.

Left rear view

Side view with open dicky seat

Right front view

Rear view

Left side bonnet open

Ford Model A 4 cylinder motor

Right side bonnet open

View of Model A motor

Door panel


Steering and dashboard

Open dicky seat

Rear dicky seat

Front seat

Interior floor lining


Side view

Right rear view

Right rear with closed dicky seat

Right door panel