Sedgefield Classic Cars

1935 Morris
8 Roadster - SOLD 2012 :Sold for R70000

Please note that this item is no longer available and we cannot provide any furter infomation.

Originates from the Gauteng area and recently arrived. Good runnig order. Officially dated by the South African Veteran and Vintage Association as a 1935 model.

These Morris 8's proved to be the best pre-war Morris's manufactured and always a popular collector's item. 918cc 4 cylinder side valve motor and has a single SU carburettor fitted.

Stylish colour scheme with good interior and soft-top. Missing rear seat.

Side view

Right rear view

Left front view with soft-top

Rear section minus seat

Side view with soft-top

Rear view

Open bonnet

Morris 918 cc motor

Extra view of motor

Steering and dashboard

Front seats

Door panel


Left rear view with soft-top

Front view

Right side view

Right side view with soft-top

Additional view of motor