Sedgefield Classic Cars

1933 Austin 7
Box Saloon - SOLD 2011 :Sold for R85000

Please note that this item is no longer available and we cannot provide any furter infomation.

The "Baby" Austin  that the British public learnt to drive in during the 1930's. Two door saloon with spacious interior.

Original 6 Volt battery system, 4 speed manual gearbox and 750cc 4 cylinder motor.

By 1928, 60,000 Austin 7's had already been sold, making this a very popular model. Scarce survivor and collectible classic.

Side view

Left front view

Rear view

Front seats

Rear seat

Open bonnet

Austin 750cc motor

Extra view of motor

Steering and dashboard

Door panel



Left side view

Left rear view

Extra view of front seats

Right rear view

Front view

Left side open bonnet

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Right front view


Left door panel